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Tipi Tales- Children’s Puppet Series

Tipi Tales is a 13 part, half-hour children’s puppet series designed to illustrate the seven sacred teachings of Aboriginal spirituality to children by showing the importance of connection between children and their elders, man and his creator, and love of oneself. Four children face basic morality questions, or issues that need to be overcome, with the help and guidance of two grandparents and the legacy of the seven sacred animals that embody each teaching. As the moral dilemma is overcome, the children learn to rely on the values extended by their grandparents to empower themselves when facing obstacles. Tipi Tales can be found on APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) @ 9:00 AM, Wednesdays.

A Puppeteer Conference-Posted on OPA website

I came across this posting a couple of months ago, at the following link:

“Celebrate the Puppet”
A conference of the
Puppeteers of America: Great Lakes Region
and the
Ontario Puppetry Association
Fanshawe College, London Ontario
July 27 – 30, 2006

All information about the conference is located via link

A Puppet BLOG! This one is Amazing!

Andrew, started his blog site in January 2004 and is a fellow Canadian. His blog’s address is:

Andrew also has a PUPPETEER world map! Where you can post your puppet business or personal information. It is a great idea! You simply can make a faster connection with others in the way of networking, or if you are travelling and want to catch a performance just go here and see:

Andrew’s site is what inspired me to start this blog, it is very well done and I highly recommend it! I would go to his Blog first, read everything, then go sign in on the map. Andrew states who he wants on his Puppeteer World map (which is located on his Blog) so if you fall in those guidelines, map away!

PS-I’m on the map too, I’m the groundhog located in Hamilton, Ontario.

A Puppet Website!

Okay, here is a neat website I found concerning a company in
Sherman Oaks CA. they have included documentaries, and how to’s when it comes to building puppets at a classroom settings. It is a good introduction to the processes of starting a puppet performance if you are starting a troupe and don’t know anything about the production aspect(s). Enjoy!

We are up and running!

I surf the net in search of anything dealing with puppetry, and came across other Puppetry Blogs. I found it very informative and wanted to follow the trend, so I’m starting this site in hope to reach anyone else like me and the other fellow bloggers to not only network but to put out information and promote puppetry!
Onward fellow puppeteers! Learn, Learn, LEARN!