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Peter Jackson to make The Hobbit

This isn’t puppetry news but I’m excited!

Bang Media International reported the following:

Peter Jackson will make two prequels to ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy based on ‘The Hobbit’.

The director and his wife Fran Walsh have agreed to be executive producers on the big screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy book after settling a legal dispute with film company New Line Cinema over the profits from the Oscar-winning franchise.

Jackson said: “I’m very pleased we have been able to put our differences behind us. We’re delighted to continue our journey through Middle Earth.”

Jackson will not direct the films, claiming he could not meet the planned release dates of 2010 and 2011.

Harry Sloan, chairman of MGM, who will co-finance the films, said: “Peter can’t get it scheduled and he doesn’t want the fans to have to wait for the next two movies.”

Excited moviegoers greeted the news with delight, with one user of fan site exclaiming: “Fist in the air! Yes! Trust Peter, The Master, The Commander, The Wizard!”

‘The Hobbit’ tells of a world inhabited by wizards, dwarves, elves and little people called hobbits, including the central character, Bilbo Baggins.

Cast members from Jackson’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ films, including Sir Ian McKellen who played wizard Gandalf and Sir Ian Holm who portrayed Bilbo, are expected to reprise their roles.

‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy – ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’, ‘The Two Towers’ and ‘The Return of the King’ – was hugely successful, taking in a massive $3 billion at the box office.

Save the Puppets!


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Posted by ascott December 17, 2007 17:38PM

I just got word that after this Friday (Dec 21st), Penny’s Puppets will no longer be allowed to perform at the Kenton Firehouse — maybe a plea from the community would help! Penny Walters’ puppet shows are just about the only entertainment for little ones in our neighborhood and her Friday morning shows are well attended by Kentonites and folks from around town. Too well attended for some it seems. There has been a complaint from above (the second floor of the Firehouse, that is) about the 1.5 hours of laughing, singing children every other Friday –it is disruptive to someone who works for the North Portland Neighborhood Services office. Sorry, if I think Penny’s Puppet productions are a great neighborhood service themselves.

If you’d like to voice support for Penny’s Puppets, please email and call Ronna Seavey at North Portland Neighborhood Services 503-823-0215 or
She wants you to contact her so she has a record of interest in Puppets with Penny!

Harry Potter sock puppet contest

10047351uu7.jpg is holding it’s 1st annual Harry Potter sock puppet contest! Here are the rules as laid out in their site:

  1. Socks should resemble a Harry Potter character for whom we have been given an adequate description. We don’t really know what Victoire looks like, so we can’t possibly judge your accuracy without a reference!

  2. NO SOCKS WITH PATTERNS. Only plain socks are allowed, though you may start with any solid color you like. If you use a patterned sock, your entry will not be counted!

  3. Be creative! No printing stuff, like Harry’s whole face, off the internet. Make good use of your materials because you could be rewarded for it

  4. The photograph of your sock puppet must be sized to 320×240 OR 640×480.

Various titles and prizes await those who partake, so start making your sock puppets today!

A little help from his friends

littles-creatures.jpgJon Little of Little’s Creatures has applied for a contest- with a chance to win 50k!

Jon wrote:

“I have two videos on the quickbooks site for a company that is just starting. With the help of all of you I could really make my dream come true.” 

Here is the link to the video:

“This is an amazing chance for me to actually get to make my dream come true.”