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Puppets After Hours

2calekcgu.jpgI stumbled upon this amazing concept on Youtube…it’s called “Puppets After Hours” I believe it is a troupe of puppeteers who run a cabaret style bar- they tote it as a combination between the Muppets and Avenue Q. I especially love the different styles of puppets used, and how, as a audience member, you could be waited on by a puppet; and even converse with both puppet and puppeteer. Check out their Pitch video HERE! and their performance reel HERE!

The Muppet Show Live

themuppetshowalbum_logo.jpgHere are the Episodes from “The Muppet Show Live!” During the 2001 MuppetFest celebration, The Muppet Show Live was staged at the Hollywood Palace in Hollywood, California.

Written by Craig Shemin and Jim Lewis, with stage direction by Bill Barretta, the program was a collection of onstage performances and classic Muppet Show clips projected on a large screen.

If you are a Muppet Fan you HAVE to check these out, there are some classic scenes!

PART 1   PART 2  PART 3   PART 4    PART 5   PART 6   PART 7   PART 8  
PART 9   PART 10   PART 11   PART 12   PART 13  

Puppeteersunite on Muppetcast and more!

kermit_icon.pngSorry for not posting, but I’m on an island (Camp) preparing for this up and coming summer! Internet here is hard to get on and it runs super slow so I probably won’t be posting regularly 🙁 Just a couple of things happening in puppet news:

Yours truly had an interview with Steve Swanson from Muppetcast, it was posted last Monday, and was featured again yesterday in their newest cast. I talk out getting started in puppetry and other puppet news worthy mentions.

Kanja Chen at Chesational Blog talks about puppet design collaboration. An awesome posting and the puppets look fantastic!

Episode 26 is up and running at dotBoom website 🙂

Andrews’ newest posting on has the 1960’s Muppet Puppet Pattern from Women’s Day Magazine.

Well, sorry for such a prompt exit, but I have some staff to train. Keep on Puppeteering!