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Puppetmongers Symposium

Puppetmongers Theatre
The Toronto School of Puppetry
The Raucous Caucus
A Day of Fresh Ideas in Puppetry
A one day symposium and festival and party

Saturday June 16th 2007.
At Puppetmongers Studio
1110 Dundas Street East

Presenters include
Ronnie Burkett of Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes
Eric Woolfe of Eldrich Theatre

Online presales: $100 for the whole day, or $20 for the evening show only
At the door: $120 for the whole day, or $25 for the evening show only
Limited to 20 participants for the day and an additional 20 for the evening show,
so book now!
For more information please visit
or call

3 Canadians!

ho-i25.jpgI-Fest have announced their Dream Team. Performers have been selected from all over the world, including 3 Canadians! That’s the highest number of Canadians ever on the team! Check out this team of young puppeteers.

Yakking with Faze

Faisal Lodhi, a Toronto-based filmmaker and puppeteer; has developed a web show called “Yakking With Faze”. This unscripted talk show has Faze interviewing various artist- exploring their latest work, their influences and general topics as a whole. You can check out the Youtube shows HERE

Paper Dolls!

dotBoom’s Brian Hogg will be releasing a paper doll version of his puppet show tomorrow. Check out all of his work leading up to the release of his 17th Episode!   HERE and HERE


Steve Hornung works at “The Creative Individual” (a Vancouver based company) as a graphic designer and artisan ; Steve has posted a couple of short rough vignettes as character introductions for his new show “2626”. Steve’s goal is to release short clips based on character developement prior to putting out a full episode. He explained to me through an email many of colourful characters he has planned that inhabit 2626, it sounds and looks like this show is going to be amazing! Steve works on these clips with another friend, and they hope to release a full episode real soon. Subscribe to his account on Youtube.

You can check out Steve’s clips HERE aned HERE