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Reticulated Foam

0643118_450_sc_d963.jpgA while back I was frantically trying to find reticulated foam (Scott Foam) here in Canada. I had gone to various foam stores and they all laughed stating it is next to impossible to get. I had a small sample of the foam with me to show anyone that could help me. I finally gave up my search and forgot about the whole quest. Well, today I went to work, a co-worker came in later that day stating he wanted to go to Canadian Tire for lunch (it’s a Canadian thing) We soon found ourselves walking down the tool lanes of Canadian Tire, looking at various manly trinkets 🙂 Ironically, I found the sample of foam in the pocket of my shorts. I went to throw it out when my friend said “What are you doing with a piece of humidifier pad?” I soon found myself racing towards the filter section of the store. My friend directed me to a shelf packed with reticulated foam! They had black foam at 30ppi, and yellow at (what looks like) 25ppi (pour per inch). Here is the link below for the product line:

Evaporator Pad


The forth pattern release in Project Puppet’s Simple Series is The Melonhead Pattern. The Melonhead is based on an oval head shape, similar to a football or watermelon. All of Project Puppet Pattern’s are easy to use because of it’s simple instructions and basic construction. They are cheap too, only $24.95! Order your pattern today!

On Barbara Dewey teaches viewers how to make cloth/foam puppets and ventriloquist figures. She will send the basic patterns for free when viewers send her a self-addressed double-stamped business-size envelope.

Please visit Barbara’s Web site for the address:

The Macgyver of Puppet Building!

I came across this on Youtube. Unfortunately, for me the description is in (what I believe) Portugues – The videos depict various puppet building contraptions, they are all ingenious.

1) A machine that melts through styrofoam balls- for puppet eyes…see HERE! HERE! and HERE!

2) A machine that winds uo yarn for puppet hair!

3) Make perfect circles for puppet noses and ears!

4) An Instant set change with a flick of a switch!

It seems to me that these devices were made so the builder can mass produce a sort of nip and tuck puppet found HERE.  The puppet is a fun looking puppet and the puppeteer’s voice is perfect! If anyone can shed light on the puppet builder that would be great.

Project Puppet on CD!

Pasha at Project Puppet has announced the addition of a wholesale version of the Glorified Sock Puppet Pattern! I was able to get a copy: It is easy to navigate through, contains great tips and the pattern is simply fantastic! Project Puppet’s patterns are thee best on the net!

Whether you are an avid puppet builder or a “first timer” Project Puppet Patterns are an excellent starting point for any puppet building project.

As a performer you can also implement the Simple Series Patterns on CD as an addition to your merchandise you sell after the performance.

Puppet Foam Pattern


I received a lot of email about the foam base pattern I used for my 2 hour puppet head posting. This is a very old foam base pattern I had kicking around, and dug it up to use once more. I found myself emailing it out once in a while (I don’t mind making this pattern available) so I decided to post it on my blog. I jotted down fast instructions, so I apologize for the crudeness of the sketches. I don’t have a fleece covering pattern for this foam base as I used this base as a starting point. Enjoy.