1884 is a new upcoming animated film who’s Co-Producer and Creative Adviser is none other than Terry Gilliam.

The film is about a 1848 film which imagines what it will be like in the year 1884.  This alternative sci-fi world is the brain child of Gilliam’s protégé Tim Ollive. It will combine a mixture of live action puppetry with CG facial animation- fused the mouths and eyes of actors onto the the heads of the puppets. set against layers of miniature backgrounds, paintings, real life film and photography from the Hulton Picture Library division of Getty Images. You can really see the influence Gilliam has had on the film, he has recently commented on the style:

“The quality of the work is amazing: It’s not slick and sleek CG work, such as studios in L.A. particularly produce. It looks crafted by an artisan, and the scale and design are spectacular.”

Gilliam also promises some Monty Python alumni will lend their voices to the cast of characters in the film.

A release date has yet to be announced.

Here is the visualized trailer used to get the funding and people onboard for the making of the actual film.

Here is the Promotional Trailer.

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