2006 Puppet Festival

One Way Street sponsors about 35 regional Puppetry Festivals across the US. These Friday night and all day Saturday events feature workshops, performances, competition, demonstrations, excitement, and a spiritual challenge. Everyone interested in learning about puppet ministry should come ready for an inspiring time.Training in both beginning and advanced puppetry manipulation and technique is available for puppeteers. Workshops for puppet team members are offered, as well as organizational and technical seminars for puppetry directors. Other topics often included are ventriloquism, gospel illusion, children’s ministry, ballooning, music, and leadership.Sunday school teachers, children’s worship leaders, puppet team directors, youth leaders, and young people in ministry alike will be taught, challenged and equipped to effectively use puppets and other creative ministry tools to advance the gospel. Plan now to attend the One Way Street Puppetry Festival near you!
Good News! The Lip Synch Challenge has returned for 2006!

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