Daily Archives: May 11, 2007

Jim Henson’s Work

Here is Fat, Cat, Sat…one of the first rap videos in my mind. 🙂 “Ripples” is a short film created by Jim Henson for “Expo67” in Montreal, Canada. The King of Eight was made by Jim Henson. This stop motion animated feature from Sesame Street features Jim Henson as the voice of the king.

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The Puppetry Club

The 2007 Puppetry Club commercial advertises their show which is scheduled for Saturday May 26th @ 7 pm in the Canton Little Theatre. There is also “Making of” videos for the commercial too (Part I  /  Part II). Great work, I admire these younger puppeteers. They are very skilled, enthusiastic, and give great insight to why they love puppetry […]

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