A couple of things…

Well, a couple of things happened while I was away…
1) Puppet Feed- https://www.puppetsfeed.com/ is down for a while. I noticed whatever I posted would show up on the feed site as bored@home. I informed them of this and they fixed the problem, however, it seemed as though they were recieving lots of errors an had to “pause” the site down until he can get to the root of the problem.

2) Dotboom has completed their first episode (also includes commentary). I haven’t had time to watch it so sorry, I can’t really talk much about it. https://www.dotboom.ca/

3) “From the Balcony” has a new episode out, check it out here:

4) And last but not least The Puppets Up! festival in Almonte is this weekend! More information can be found here:

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