A tour turns into much more…

About a week ago a group of bloggers were touring the Jim Henson Studios. They thought it was going to be an ordinary tour until they were suddenly surprised by an appearance of Brian Henson.
Eunice, blogger of the Random Walk Down Mommy Street” describes the moment:

“During the event, fellow mom bloggers and I learned about the show (Wilson & Ditch) and also got a behind-the-scenes look at how shows like Wilson & Ditch and Sid the Science Kid are produced. We learned it takes about five years of hands-on training before a puppeteer becomes adept enough to move to the patented technology that makes Henson digital puppetry possible. We were given a demo of the technology by no other than Brian Henson (one of Jim Henson’s five kids), the puppeteer and voice behind the face of Wilson. Brian also happens to be Chairman of the Jim Henson Company. (So yes, I had a meet and greet with the chairman of a studio last week, pretty amazing!!!!) The body is done by motion capture by another performer. We got to see a body and face come together at a shoot of Sid the Science Kid and the degree of detail that goes into every second of one of those shows is unbelievable. I don’t think kids understand or appreciate the complexity of the shows they are watching.”

The first two videos show a little bit of the tour, and the moment the group meets Brian.


The second video is amazing! Brian talks about his childhood and gives some really cool insight of life growing up Henson.

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