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What we do...

We are a puppet building and performance company dedicated in providing the best made puppets for the job. We are a one stop shop that can design, build, perform, record and edit your idea into a clean final product. 

About Me

When I was growing up "The Muppets" had a profound impact on my life. I was the oldest of seven kids with two siblings having Leukemia. After school I would spend my time drawing, puppeteering and making short videos.

After high school I enrolled in Film Production at Confederation College. I graduated with honours and began work in the film/video industry; at the same time I worked and volunteered in puppetry to learn the art. I also began working for a children's cancer camp. I attended camp as a child and wanted to give back. After 30 years I left the camping world to pursue my passion for puppetry fulltime.

I am a happily married father of three active kiddies.


We use the best materials required for your character. Our rod puppets are built with Antron or Fuzzelle fleece, premium faux fur, reticulated foam and 3D printed or vacuum formed parts unique to your characters specifications. Every puppet is meticulously handcrafted; none of our puppets are mass produced. This ensures that each puppet is individual and very unique.

Our collaboration with other artists...

Let's be creative together

The best projects are ones where collaboration with other artists is involved. We pride ourselves in bringing together other artists from a broad range of backgrounds to assist us. From character designers, wardrobe, set designers to VFX people. Our range of contacts are vast and depending on the job at hand we may contract these individuals to assist us in making your dreams to life.

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