Advanced Puppet Construction/ Transylvania Television’s Gordon Smuder

Gordon Smuder is an amazing puppeteer, producer and basically jack of all trades. His TV series Transylvania Television is a great example of puppetry done right! I am a big fan of his work and was excited to hear that he was talking at DragonCon 2012- unfortunately I couldn’t make it but he has video taped and released his session on Youtube. Gordon reveals many of the techniques he used in building the vast cast of puppet creations for the web and TV series Transylvania Television, as well as techniques gleaned from many years in the special effects industry.

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One Comment on “Advanced Puppet Construction/ Transylvania Television’s Gordon Smuder

September 27, 2012 at 8:48 pm

I was at this panel (I think I’m briefly in the video as I had another Project Puppet pattern puppet and an improperly constructed skull that I contributed to the “stuff that got passed around”). Gordon was fantastic and had a long haul to go back and forth from the puppetry track room to the art track room (the one in this video) and back again, with three back to back to back panels.

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