An email I recieved…

An email I recieved…

The following email was sent to me some time ago and I have been racking the web to find info but to mo avail…can anyone help this person?

Dear Tom, I wanted to compliment you on your wonderful blog. It’s getting harder and harder to find decent information on puppets and puppeteering, and I’m never disappointed when I visit your site. So with you being a learned individual in puppets, I have a question I’d like to ask you. Not long ago I was reminiscing about my younger days and all the great shows there were. Then my mind turned to puppets. I can remember there being a certain tv show on either the CBC or CTV in the 80’s, that featured a live-action and puppet cast. It was fantasy-based, revolving around a brother and sister who were in possession of a green crystal compass that would allow them to travel in-between our world and another. The ‘other’ world’s denizens were all puppets. They were aided by a pinkish red dragon-esque creature and were hounded by a witch who wanted to take the compass for herself. It’s been driving me crazy since I can’t remember any names associated with it, only recollections of how the characters looked and short snippets of the show. If you know anything about this show or these puppets, or if you could point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you for all your wonderful work, keep it up!


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