Another puppet

Another puppet


Here is a bird puppet I’m working on- I only completed the head and body thus far. I’m never happy with my work…I showed my fiance and she loved it. I noticed that the birds eyes weren’t seated right so I ended up taking the puppet apart, tearing out the eyes and rebuilding it. There is always something I find wrong with what I build, and the funny thing is…the average person won’t even notice it.

 I have yet to make (in my eyes) a perfect puppet. LOL That’s why I haven’t sold any on ebay.

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  • Zung April 17, 2008 at 12:15 am

    I totally understand. I always find myself not completely happy with the final product, but thats the kind of drive an artist needs to never stop creating. Otherwise we’d make one puppet and be happy forever. 🙂

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