Are you a Mr. Bungle?

Circa 1959, a puppet show with a Mr Bungle who is clumsy and impolite at the table shows a class that manners are important. One member of the class goes to lunch and remembers proper lunchroom manners. While Mr Bungle is portrayed as a bad guy, it’s clear that everybody wants to be like him. This video is sooo hillarious! Check out the following:

  • Take note how messy Phil’s hair is! I can’t believe he walked around all morning like that!
  • I bettcha Phil is the Mack daddy at his school- looks how he waits for the other boys to open the bathroom door for him-Respect, that’s what that is.
  • Notice the nutritional value of Phil’s lunch- milk, green beans, mash potatoes, canned ham and a frickin’ huge piece of cake! Maybe Mr. Bungle should do a nutritional puppet show for the Board of Education.
  • Check out Phil’s friend Freddy- he really seems to be enjoying his lunch, every shot the kid looks like he is 10 seconds away from vomitting!
  • Also, check out the boy who runs past their table and gets in trouble by the teacher…his shirt and the teachers dress are the same pattern!
  • Notice how long they stay on Phil’s “clean” table…we get the point. Geez!
  • If Mr. Bungles is ashamed of his behaviour, why is he smiling?
  • Do you think the character “Phil” was played by Kirk Russell? Hmmm???

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