May 29th – June 1st

Are you interested in learning what it takes to design, build and perform with puppets like those used in some of America’s most beloved productions like Sesame Street or The Muppet Show? Want to learn puppetry techniques from the professionals behind the characters? The opportunity is yours!

Beyond the Sock is a workshop co-hosted by the University of North Texas Department of Radio, TV and Film and Department of Dance and Theatre. This four day intensive workshop will allow attendees to learn techniques for performing with “hand and rod” style puppets similar to those found in some of entertainment’s most endearing television series and films. Over the course of the workshop attendees will learn the vocal and physical techniques vital to creating compelling performances from two of the top names in the field.


Peter Linz is a professional puppeteer who has performed in film, theatre and television using both handheld and full body puppets. Trained by the Jim Henson Company, some of Peter’s most familiar roles include Leo from the PBS series Between the Lions and Walter from the 2012 Disney film The Muppetsand Muppets, Again. Linz has also been featured in Sesame Street and multipleSesame Street specials. Linz has also performed as an ensemble member and understudy for the hit Broadway musicalAvenue Q.

Noel MacNeal is an author, director and Henson-trained puppeteer with a long history of performing beloved film and television characters. His roles have included multiple characters from the well-known children’s programs such as Bear of Bear in the Big Blue House, Lionel of the PBS series Between the Lions multiple characters from Sesame Street. MacNeal has also performed in the Disney film Old Dogs and NBC’s hit series The Cosby Show and 30 Rock.

Pasha Romanowski is a professional puppet-builder, part-time puppeteer, and the founder of Project Puppet, a puppet-design and tutorial website. In addition to creating patterns and tutorials for thousands of aspiring puppet builders, Pasha’s custom-designed puppets have been featured in various television and online programs in the U.S. as well as internationally. His puppets include the stars of Woot’s KidFoot! and Rufus of New Zealand’s children’s television series, Pop-Up

Attendees will also learn character development, design and construction methods by participating in hands-on puppet crafting sessions where they can conceptualize and build their own basic puppet for use during the workshop. There will also be practical application of the skills learned through a culminating studio performance on the final day of the workshop. DVDs of this performance will be available to attendees for a nominal fee.

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