Blink Mech Problem Solving

Blink Mech Problem Solving

I have noticed many videos of the blinking eye mech I posted in my tutorials. Most have encountered the same problem- The eyes are moving with the blink- the actual eyes shouldn’t move with the blink. If you are finding your puppets eyes moving down when you use the mechanism; or the blink is hard to trigger. Please check the following “problems” to see why this is happening.

1) Make certain your eyes (your puppet eyes LOL) are attached firmly in place. The eyes should not move- I usually hot glue the back of the eyes to the foam head to ensure the eyes won’t move at all.

2) Make certain the actual wire that creates the eye lid isn’t catching on the ping pong eye when you hit the trigger switch- what might be happening is that when you hit the trigger you are causing the lid to close but then it catches the eye= causeing the entire eye to “fold” with the lid.

3) The lid should have some space between it and the ping pong ball- when making the mech, make certain that the curve of the eyelid wire is bent with some space available for the ping pong ball to move freely. When you put the ping pong balls in the wire and then curve the wire to make the eyelids; you should then be able to spin the ping pong ball freely on the mech.

4) Don’t glue the top lid onto the eye.

Just to let everyone know I would love to take credit for this design, but it came from previous Terry Angus drawings/pics. I just translated these drawings into video format 🙂

Hope this info helps and happy building! Thanks goes out to Naomi from Puppets in Melbourne forum, who let me use her video.

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