Buried Puppets- Episode 1..and 2

Spaghetti Puppets has just released their first episode called Buried Puppets” The Lost iPhone 4″

Being an iPhone 4 owner I find this video very offensive…Kidding!  🙂

The production value is excellent-  great lighting,  sound, camera work and staging. Although the puppetry is kinda off sync and floppy headed at times (sorry I’m being a puppetry snob LOL) however, I think the rough puppetry adds to the humor of the piece. The writing is hillarious, and the storyline easy to follow. All in all a great start to (hopefully) a long series. Great job Spaghetti Puppets 

Buried Puppets “The Lost iPhone4” seems like it is based on an actual event when a prototype of the new iPhone4 was accidently left behind at a bar by a Apple insider and then leaked online by the person who found it.

Please be advised that this video has some swearing and the additional fart jokes. 🙂

UPDATE: They also have just released Act 2 found HERE

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