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The Odd Spot Cafe

Matt Ficner from The Creepy Puppet Project has released another amazing series called “The Odd Spot Cafe”

The series follows Betty and Joe, an elderly couple, as they enjoy a cup of coffee at their favorite table. Of course there are some strange and creepy things afoot in the world of the Creepy Puppets, but Betty and Joe take it in stride.

The Hobbit at Pantages Theater

The following is by Cee Cee Robins
Tacoma Weekly

Opening 2010 at Broadway Center, Pantages Theater is presenting a special production by Théâtre Sans Fil (TSF) of “The Hobbit” on Jan. 8. Fans of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the sci-fi/fantasy genre, and/or puppets and spectacular special effects should certainly enjoy this novel show that is suitable for all ages.

Théâtre Sans Fil, French for ”theater without strings,” was founded in Quebec in 1971 by Artistic and General Director André Viens. Initially inspired by the classical technique of Japanese Bunraku theater, the company successfully united the giant puppet productions with original and modern set design, lighting and music composed by musicians familiar with the art of puppetry.

Fantasy, poetry, make-believe and magic have always figured strongly in TSF’s creations, along with unusual and heroic characters. “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings,” “Ravel’s Bolero and The Child and the Enchantments,” Henriette Major’s “The Crown of Destiny” and “The Dream Catchers” as well as the classic “Hänsel and Gretel” tale are some of the spectacular shows TSF has created over the years that cater to audiences of all ages. The company’s production of “The Hobbit” was created in 1979 and became an instant international success, including playing to sold-out houses at the 1984 Olympics.

Théâtre Sans Fil has given more than 3,000 performances and brought close to three million spectators from more than 20 countries and four continents into the fantastic and enchanting world of its productions. TSF’s undeniable contribution to the exportation of local artistic productions around the world has earned the company a prestigious Tribute Prize from RIDEAU, the Quebec association of artistic presenters, in 1997. To learn more about TSF, visit its website at

“The Hobbit,” written by J.R.R. Tolkien who also wrote “The Lord of the Rings” books, was first published in 1937. The novel was adapted into an animated film in 1977 and featured voiceovers by Orson Bean as Bilbo Baggins, Richard Boone as Smaug, Hans Conried as Thorin and John Huston (father of actress Angelica Huston) as Gandalf the Grey.

The TSF production will feature nearly 50 life-size puppets – a theatrical feat in a story with a 25-foot-long dragon and 10-foot-tall trolls and goblins – plus magical effects such as the spinning of giant spider webs under the eerie glow of black lights and lasers.

Set in the fictional world of Middle Earth, the story follows the adventures of a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. While living a quiet life in his home of Bag End, Bilbo is suddenly summoned by the wizard Gandalf the Grey to join him and a band of 13 dwarves on an adventurous quest to reclaim treasure from Smaug, a fearsome dragon.

The performance, sponsored by Russell Investments, will begin Jan. 8 at 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices are $9, $19 and $29. The facility is wheelchair accessible, and it is recommended that all accessible seating be requested at the time of ticket purchase. The show is appropriate for all ages.

The Pantages Theater is located at 901 Broadway in downtown Tacoma. Box office hours are Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday noon-4 p.m. For more information or to order tickets, call (253) 591-5890 or visit The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts’ next theater production will be “Gaelic Storm,” beginning Jan. 22.

I’m Back!

(photo from Almonte’s Puppet Up Festival-
Bernd Ogrodnik, Iceland  performance)

Hello everyone.

As you might have noticed this blog hasn’t been updated for a while. I apologize for not keeping it up to date as I bought a house in April, was on a work “roadtrip” starting in May- in which I travelled all over Ontario- and I am getting married in late September which has kept me busy on the weekends when I was back home for my days off.

All in all though it has been a really nice summer. I went to the Puppets Up Festival in Almonte (more pictures and videos to come), manage to write a rough draft for a small mini series, rewired my home computer from scratch…ugh; and even attended a Britney Spears concert…I wasn’t a fan and still am not.    🙂

I plan on posting starting this week, and update my directories. Thanks for your support and emails asking if I was okay

Rusty and Jerome removed from museum

The CBC aired a video depicting beloved Rusty and Jerome (characters from Canada’s own Friendly Giant Series) as forgotten, retirement home-dwelling, drinking, smoking, and over-sexed has-beens. The Homme Family immediately removed the characters from the CBC museum. Richard Homme, the son of the late Bob Homme (aka The Friendly Giant) stating that trust and contract were violated because approval to use the puppets was never sought. He also insists that had permission been sought, they would have never given the CBC the green light.

I personal thought it was hillarious, but agree on the Hommes stand on the issue.

Check it out for yourself, please be aware that it is for adult audiences only.

Thanks Jerrold for this notice :-) 

Rock Plaza Central

A Canadian band called Rock Plaza Central has made their first “music video” for their song “My Children Be Joyful”.   

“ Instead of a dark vision of the apocalypse as seen through the eyes of mechanical horses, it’s peopled with puppets from the Canadian television show Nanalan, which apparently crams everything fun you can imagine into four minutes: cute little pigtailed girls, flying rubber duckies, green backyards, grandmas and granddads playing banjos and ukuleles, cavorting canines chomping on steaks, carnival barkers, weightlifters, jugglers, and sock-puppet foot races– all craftily rendered in the fuzziest of fabrics and the most primary of colors.”

They are unclear whether they got the rights to use the material, but the video has already gotten 93,369 hits! the other cool thing is that the band allows you to also download the song featured in the video for FREE from their production company.

For more information on Nanalan check out Wikipedia.

Hoggworks is here!


Brian Hogg (from dotBoom fame) has developed a new production studio called Hoggworks! Projects can include:

Puppet Building, Puppeteering, Podcast Production, Set Design, Character Design, Voice Over, Directing, Screenwriting, Animation, and Motion Graphics.  Whew!

Check out Brian’s new site!

Chensational Sale

chensationalsale.pngKanja Chen at Chensational Productions is selling off some of his puppets. Amazing prices for a high quality puppet. Check it out HERE!

Applefun is Amazing!


Mike Harding from Applefun puppets visited our campers at Camp Trillium‘s Day Camp in North York. Mike’s show was VERY entertaining! It had a mix of kid and adult humour, was hillarious, and came at you from all different entertaining levels. A real treat for all ages. If you are looking for quality entertainment I definately recommend Applefun!