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Milano- Music Video by Lolly Lardpop

Filmed during DragonCon- Here is “Milano” a music video Starring Lolly Lardpop and assorted guests, including Mr. Darcy on glockenspiel. Puppeteers Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Stephanie D’Abruzzo, Ryan Dillon, John Kennedy, Carmen Osbahr, Grant Baciocco and Paul Rudolph. Puppets designed by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and John Kennedy. Conceived and orchestrated by Paul Rudolph. Directed, shot, and edited by Brad Kemp. Executive Producer Paul Rudolph.

The Wild Life

Glad Black Bag’s newest campaign video presents The Wild Life, is a fake reality show featuring a cast of entertaining animatronic animals and one incredibly messy house. The campaign, created by Evolution Bureau, consists of impressive animatronics by puppeteers who worked on Jim Henson’s the Muppets.

Internet Adventure Hour!

Internet Adventure Hour is a new weekly puppet comedy which follows the happenings of TJ and Cozmo. It seems like a nicely written and shot show. Here is there latest Mother’s Day show…

Human Resources- The Series

“Human Resources” is a new web series which describes itself as …

“A “Sesame Street” meets the “X Files”, office comedy. The series stars puppets and tackles the current job crisis and corporate greed, using equal parts satire and sci-fi.”

The series is presently at Episode 6 and is fairly well done. To watch episodes or look at the cast and crew and some behind the scene shots  go to