Blog : Puppet Building

A Mini Episode

Here is a Mini Lesson (which turned into a full length video) 🙂 it was only suppose to be a quick “how to” and not part of the series. In this episode I deconstruct a puppet, this will shed light on the construction process.

Free Puppet Building Tutorial


In the next couple of weeks we here at Puppeteers Unite present a new video series “How to Build a Puppet”. We are going to use the Roly Puppet Pattern found at Project Puppet and build a Monster puppet. This beginners course is totally free and will walk you through the stages of building a puppet from beginning to end.

Go to for the Roly Pattern and get your today before the series begins.

Blinking Eye Mechanism

0.jpgWhen I first started on the net a couple of years ago, to find information on eye mechs in puppetry- I was very dissappointed. It was very hard to come by. One mechanism that is very simple to construct is the one posted by Puppet Planet. 

On the Muppet Central Forum, the member who goes by JDAmato posted his version of a blinking eye mechanism– it looks a little more complicated. Great work JD, hope to see a working model on video soon.