Puppet History

Washington Trip Part 3

Continuing my trip to the Smithsonian I came across the work of Basil Milovsoroff. I didn’t know anything about Basil, so when I got home I searched the internet and was actually surprised I hadn’t heard of him until now. Here is the Wikipedia’s “historic” findings 🙂 Basil Milovsoroff (1906-1992) was an accomplished Russian-American puppeteer. […]

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Video Tour of Puppet Arts Institute

I found this amazing video of a tour of the Puppet Arts Institute located in Independent Missouri. Diane Houk (the tour guide) takes us on an amazing historical journey and is a delight to listen too. Her love for puppetry can be felt from the get go; she is an amazing historian. I love this […]

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Puppeteers Unite!

UPDATE: I apologize but the website the petition was on asked for donations- I felt this cheapened the cause so I took off the petition. I will try to find another site that will host the petition without asking for $  I watched the audio commentary for STAR WARS: Empire Strikes Back and was amazed to […]

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Cora and Bill Baird

The March of Dimes has made available a 1955 PSA about the fight against polio. Bill Baird and his wife Cora performs a number using frogs.  Check it out HERE Bil Baird (originally William Britton Baird) worked under the puppeteer Tony Sarg for five years then produced his own puppet shows from the mid 1930s. […]

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