“Me+You” is an amazing little short combining animatronics, rod puppetry and cardboard. 🙂 "Me + Her" Featurette from Island Creek Pictures, Inc on Vimeo. Here ia a behind the scenes look too: CLICK HERE

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Done SWSCA B.J. Guyer Class puppet

So here is my finished puppet. He’s a cute lil’ cat- but don’t let his outer exterior fool you. He is part of an elite force that call themselves “Extinction Force 5”. Street performers by day, assassins by night- EF5 tour the world in search of extinct animals to save by eliminating their threat using […]

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Hand Puppet Design and Fabrication with B.J. Guyer

Hello Everyone, Sorry I haven’t posted in quite a long time. My wife and I welcomed our newest member to our family on June 5th- our son Elliott and since then not only have I been focusing on the family but I also been busy building a puppet for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts […]

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Atomic Puppet!

A new animated children’s series ‘Atomic Puppet’ is currently under production with Canada’s Mercury Filmworks and France’s Gaumont Animation. Atomic Puppet will premiere in Canada on TELETOON and in France on Disney XD. Atomic Puppet is about a Superhero who recently is turned into a powerless puppet but who’s powers are transferred to a boy […]

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Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Stan Winston School of Character Arts posted my review on Jordu Schell’s maquette sculpting and painting tutorials! Read my review and then check out these tutorials- they really helped me in my sculpting and painting techniques and great for beginners learning the technique of maquette making.

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