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DotBoom Paperdoll is HERE!

Brain Hogg has spent many a sleepless night to present to us a very special episode of dotBoom! It is just amazing, a real treat for those consistant viewers. The story seems faster paced then previous episodes. With tracking shots and even a cool shot of Clark running through the Toronto streets to make it to his wedding!   Click Part One of this cool episode HERE!


Dave runs a YouTube channel called “crex81” and also runs a Vlog called “hellyersonline”.  His sites have a HUGE following, and this is because of his hillarious sketches and amazing puppetry. If you aren’t a subscriber, go to YouTube and do it now!


 The folks at 2626 have posted a new video on Youtube

Check it out HERE!

AniBOOM is a new user generated video site dedicated solely to animation content. The site is very well designed, and the animation content is simply amazing! Aniboom also has a online animation contest, that can see the first place “grand prize winner” catching a whopping $25,000.00! I fully recommend checking this site out, and watching some of the most beautiful independent animation on the web today.  

Behind the scenes…

From KATU TV in Portland and Fred Meyer Broadway.
Carl Click hosts from Chicago as the tour prepares to leave the Windy City and travel to Portland. Includes interviews with the cast, crew, beautiful puppets and mask co-designer Michael Curry and great clips from the show.
Go behind the scenes and watch how the magnificent stage production The Lion King comes to life!

Check out Part 1 HERE,   Part 2 HERE

The Beatles Perform!

I love the Beatles and I love Puppets. I tried to explore more about this Madrid Puppeteer but haven’t found anything. If you know of any longer videos of this performance, let me know! Here is a vid! It’s just awesome!

The B-Team Foo!

2a.jpgWatch the B-Team on Youtube! It reminds me of Team America, but they are made of rod puppets. The sets are hand drawn but in a neat style. The B-Team are a group of B entertainers assisting those who need it. Check it out HERE