Cora and Bill Baird

The March of Dimes has made available a 1955 PSA about the fight against polio. Bill Baird and his wife Cora performs a number using frogs.  Check it out HERE

Bil Baird (originally William Britton Baird) worked under the puppeteer Tony Sarg for five years then produced his own puppet shows from the mid 1930s. He and Cora Eisenberg married in 1937 and began to create original puppets, scenery, and music for their shows. They produced a series of television shows in the 1950s and opened their own marionette theatre in New York in 1966. Bil wrote The Art of the Puppet (1965) and trained puppeteers such as Jim Henson.

Bill’s career spanned over 60 years, performing at many venues and gained world wide fame. One performance that made Bill Baird world known was the famous “Goat-herder” sketch in the Sound of Music.  If you are in the Iowa area, check out the Charles H. MacNiderArt Museum  for Bill Baird work.

Check out Bill Baird’s timeline HERE!

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