Creaturiste’s Easy Wire Hinge

Creaturiste’s Easy Wire Hinge

Mathieu Rene at Creaturiste’s Puppet Making Blog (Montreal) has posted a very interesting way of making a wire hinge for a rod arm puppet. I’ve noticed many forums and other blogs trying to address this issue, and found some of them to be pretty complicated, or hard to manipulate when built. This wire construction seems very easy and may be one of the best designs I’ve seen.

Check out the posting HERE

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  • Mathieu René February 23, 2007 at 7:08 am

    Hi. Creaturiste here.
    I found your website (and this post) by what seems to be sheer luck (I doubt, still), while I was searching for puppetbuilding info, specifically about latex head.

    Thanks for the comments. My collegue (Nicole Villiger) and I both worked on this. It was tested intensively on the puppet we built for a publicity contract. It’s a tv puppet, manipulated from below, just like most Muppets. The hinge is sturdy, it was installd on a wing shape (it’s a bird puppet), and had to withstand lots of lateral pressure from the rod.
    Try it, and see.
    For my next attempt, I will use smaller beads as stoppers, possibly metal, as the bigger ones were easy to hide in the bird’s fur and feathers, but for another type, it would be more difficult.

    Thanks for keeping people in the know about our work!

    Another great way of sharing: puptcrit!

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