Designing an Alien

Many people are signing up for Project Puppets newest Puppet Building Contest: A Space Odyssey. A contest were you build a alien puppet from one of Project Puppets Simple Series pattern and possibly win $300 worth in prizes! The winning puppet will be voted by a group of well established puppet builders. I am certain character design will play a huge role with who makes it to the finals, and eventually wins. 

You’ll want to keep the design simple, yet unique above the rest of entries. I wrote about the game SPORE and it’s ability to create creatures of all shapes and sizes. I’ve purchased the game and have found it very practical in the designing stages of puppet building. You can use the program to build a 3D prototype of your alien; then see how functional the design is in real time. You can download the free trial creature creator HERE. A great program, I hope it helps. Good Luck!

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