Feist Honey Honey

Feist has just released a new video for “Honey Honey”.  Her past videos were usually one long shot with a complex dance number…even when she appeared on Sesame Street.  This video features less Feist and more puppets, wood crafted by Calgary’s Old Trout Puppet Theatre to whom Feist use to volunteer for when she was a teen.

Feist: “I’ve always been really obsessed with the naivete of puppeteering, the non-technological impact of it. It’s a hand pulling a string at the exact right moment or it’s personifying a piece of wood. There are no computers, no buttons. It’s just ingenuity and timing and the humanness of the moment. The joints of wood mixed with the joints of blood and bone.”

Honey Honey is beautifully crafted, and the eerie imagery fits the music perfectly.

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