Why rent? I know many people have different views about burning movies and/or copying CD’s etc. I received a copy of “The Muppet Family Christmas” this Christmas- It was burned from a DVD copy…but looked/felt/and even smelt like the original! I went on Amazon to order an original copy, I felt guilty taking money from a artform I believe should be paid and supported for. Only to find Amazon had it listed for “USED” DVD for $123.96! What the!? What gives? Disney, every year puts a round of movies in their mysterious “VAULT” holding onto them while the prices (and demand) for these “gems” get higher and higher…or until everything switches from VHS to DVD and Disney is left with a vault filled with usless video tape (oh ya! How do you like those apples Disney?). Kevin Smith (in “Kevin Smith: Evening Harder”) states that movies now-a-days make their money in DVD’s sales- the showing of the movie is like the commercial. I agree, if you loved the movie you’ll buy it (or burn it) for yourself. Many of the people I know who burn DVD’s will actually buy the original; if it is a good enough movie. So Hollywood/Bollywood/Anywood should make more great movies- and more people will pay for a copy instead of burning it. Anyway, why am I babbling on about this? Well, a friend of mine (let’s call him Ian)  found a site that will allow you to watch movies for FREE! Just click onto the movie you want to watch and BINGO!- if you disagree with it then don’t watch it and pay $7.00 (or more) at a video store near you. Check out the site HERE!

PS- I realized my link doesn’t provide the web address, so here it is:

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