Funny thing…

Well, nothing really going on in the puppet world. I have been working like crazy to complete a puppet I built for the “Glorified Sock Puppet Contest” facilitated by Project Puppet. The deadline is this Sunday, and I’m helping a friend move on Saturday, which means I’ll be busy tomorrow trying to get the arms built. Anyway, I visited the YouTube website (as I usually do when I’m bored) and found the following videos…

A marionette frog playing piano, it looks cool, but is really short.

Some people goofing aroung with a digital puppet- Pretty cool, although I wish they would have shown a behind the scenes view of the puppeteer rig.

A promotional video from the series “Moldy’s Madhouse”

Podge And Rodge

A short film – looks like a high school production film called “Tainted Love”
Poor puppetry, but I though the whole concept was pretty funny. Junk for the mind I guess.

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