Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for that puppeteer in your life, or for yourself for the holidays…

Noreen Young, an amazing puppeteer, has a latex puppet making video. I purchased this video a couple of years ago and still watch it often. It is very well made, informative and entertaining. At only $19 Canadian, this video is a gem to have in your DVD library.

To order the video go here! 




At you can purchase some Jim Henson wear pertaining to old and new movie productions.

Check out the site HERE!

The Puppeteer friend needs a puppet? Or perhaps the puppets at your church are falling apart. You can purchase a puppet pattern at Project Pattern. The patterns provided are easy to assemble. So whether you are a veteran puppet builder or just starting out; order a pattern at Project Puppet and you’ll find yourself building for friends, family and for yourself for the Holidays.

Check out the Patterns available HERE!

At Zazzle you can find cool t-shirts and merchandise. I have some merchandise posted as well. Check out the line of items HERE!

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