Grant’s Advent Calendar

Grant’s Advent Calendar

Grant Baciocco is a writer, actor, comedian, puppeteer and host of the Henson podcast. Grant also runs a blog called “Grant’s Advent Calendar”.

The video blog takes us on an adventurous 25 day ride (one video per day) to record Grant opening each door to his advent calendar. The last door is opened on Christmas day. Grant doesn’t know what gift(s) are consealed in his Advent calendar and the opening of each calendar door must be shot in only one take.

It is fun to see all the different locations and people Grant meets as he opens each door. The latest video has Grant opening a Advent door in the belly of an Audrey 2 at the Swazzle workshop.

Subscribe to Grant’s podcast for more videos, and sign up for Grant’s Advent contest that will be announced December 14th.

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  • SeeingI January 7, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Very odd styling on Audrey II but I love the way the fringe of leaves moves! Adds some nice liveliness to the puppet.

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