Harry Potter sock puppet contest

Harry Potter sock puppet contest

Snitchseeker.com is holding it’s 1st annual Harry Potter sock puppet contest! Here are the rules as laid out in their site:

  1. Socks should resemble a Harry Potter character for whom we have been given an adequate description. We don’t really know what Victoire looks like, so we can’t possibly judge your accuracy without a reference!

  2. NO SOCKS WITH PATTERNS. Only plain socks are allowed, though you may start with any solid color you like. If you use a patterned sock, your entry will not be counted!

  3. Be creative! No printing stuff, like Harry’s whole face, off the internet. Make good use of your materials because you could be rewarded for it

  4. The photograph of your sock puppet must be sized to 320×240 OR 640×480.

Various titles and prizes await those who partake, so start making your sock puppets today!

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  • the dude who created that sock February 17, 2008 at 7:18 am

    uhhh.. o.O I’m flattered to see my sock up here 😛

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