Henson Tribute Continued…

Here is Kermit the Frog on Reading Rainbow. I actually stumbled upon this on Youtube but remember this when it first showed in the 80’s.

This is another classic Ernie and Bert skit– they fight over a HUGE chair! Why Blue Nosed Harry is there I don’t know but you’ll find this skit “Real hip” and “Swingin'”

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Ernie sings “My Apple Tree And Me” I loved this song, I especially love how Ernie says the word “Birdie”. Classic Muppet skit were things get crazier over time, followed by a good punch line.

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One Comment on “Henson Tribute Continued…

Steve from the MuppetCast
May 12, 2007 at 7:06 am

Great post! Any chance you’d want to get in on my Jim Henson tribute show next week? Check out the episode/blog and send me something to include, if you want.

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