Improvised Puppet Show

Improvised Puppet Show

Brendan James Boyd started a Vancouver puppet troupe who hosts an adult puppet show called “Rear Entry:Improvised Puppet Show”.

Brendan explains the troupes focus… 
“It’s a little different from other puppet Improv shows because instead of a series of short skits we use puppet characters do a full improvised long form play. It’s been really neat so far, and it’s getting huge buzz here in Vancouver! There’s also no humans allowed in the scenes, and there’s quite a bit of audience interaction throughout !”

He continues…

“It’s been INCREDIBLY challenging to manipulate the puppets AND improvise, so it’s been a huge learning curve for all of us! SO MUCH FUN THOUGH.”

I’d advise watching the video posted on their website– great performance and the audience seems to be having a great time!
Rear Entry: a Improvised Puppet show takes place on the second Monday of every month after Tops & Bottoms and is presented by The Bobbers: Queer Comedy Improv and The J Lounge. 

The J Lounge is located at 1216 Bute Street, Vancouver, BC.

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