Is Elmo the future of toys?

Elmo Live is the newest Elmo to hit the market this October. Elmo sets the bar for innovative development with the introduction of the most engaging and entertaining Elmolive product ever at Toy Fair 2008. Not just another in the long line of popular plush Elmo products, Elmo Live elevates feature plush into a new dimension of realistic, interactive play.
Elmo Live will go on sale at retail nationwide on October 14, 2008, according to Ms. Sirard. “Though we are presenting a sneak peek of the product this week, there is so much more to Elmo Live that will be fully revealed as we approach the on-shelf date,” she explains, noting that pre-sale opportunities will be available in the spring for consumers to reserve Elmo Live for delivery on October 14.

Elmo Live, for children 18 months and up, will retail for approximately $59.99.

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One Comment on “Is Elmo the future of toys?

February 21, 2008 at 9:28 pm

Its cool, but I don’t know. Talking toys like this grow old fast. They can only put in so much programming until the child has learned every story there is. Unless you can find a way to put new material into this doll, it will get old fast.

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