I won’t be able to post from Thursday to Sunday
However, when I return I’ll start my “Building a Latex Puppet” series. I’m posting the following materials you will need for building a puppet:
-Waterbase Clay (I prefer the grey color type)
-Wooden rulers with a metal edge (you can find these at any dollar store)
-Small gauge wire- for making clay carving tools
-pencil size dowelling-for making tools
-a pair of pliers and wire cutters
-a vice (not necessary)
-Vaseline (petroleum jelly)
-Burlap sheet about 1/2 yard
-An old rubber tire
-Liquid rubber compound or Liquid Latex
-Airbrush (optional)
-Surface Sources (Odd fruits/rocks/wood)
-Water based liquid latex paint (found in art stores-Primary colors)
-Safety Glasses
-Latex gloves
-Contact Cement
-Ping Pong Balls
-Two large buckets (20 gal pail)
-Drill mixer -optional
-Fan (optional)
-Music of any kind
-Pencil and paper
-Hardening spray
-Spray bottle with water
-plastic bags
-a piece of cardboard large enough to put your hand through
-Lazy Susan (optional)
-Drummel tool with a sander attachment
-Nail clippers
-Paint Brushes
-Jar of water
-Cinder Blocks 2 (optional)
-Screw drivers 2
-Wooden carving tools (you may find these at a dollar store too)
-A nice frosty beverage
-A digital camera (optional)
-Hot glue gun with hot glue sticks
-Quick dry plaster (powder)
-a foam head or foam ball

I believe that is all….whew! It may all seem that I’m joshing you about some of the things listed but when you see some tricks of the trade I learned, you will be glad I told you to get them …especially the music!

Well good luck and I’ll see you on Monday!

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