Jim Henson Tribute

Jim Henson Tribute

Here’s some more Jim Henson material, hopefully I find a gem or two you haven’t seen yet. Enjoy!
Sam and Friends- Loona and Esskay Meats Commercial circa 1955- If you listen to Jim’s voice it seems very “fresh”.
Wilkins Coffee Commercial – very rare to find, the Henson Company have ordered most of these off.
Sesame Street – Lulu’s back in town early skit (1969)
Sesame Street martians – Jim Henson and Jerry Nelson
Newsflash! Hillarious accent!
Kermit with Don Music
Groove Word “Round”
Disco Frog- I had this on LP but lost it 🙁
SUPER GROVER– Jim Henson makes a smashing Barber

Sesame Street Time Line

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  • Steve from the MuppetCast May 16, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    Wonderful stuff! I just posted the Jim Henson tribute episode of the MuppetCast over at muppetcast.com this morning. Hope you like it!

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