I have create a small “HOW TO” video here

Okay, now the “FUN” begins! Not to say designing isn’t fun, but I know most of you want to get your hands dirty with clay and plaster…

Before we begin anything you should have the right tools for sculpting. Now you can spend thousands of dollars on sculpting tools but if you’re like me, you’re poor 🙂

To the dollar store! Sounds cheap? From this point on a dollar store will be your best friend. Be certain to take some cash with you prior to going to a dollar store since some stores don’t have a debit machine…cheapo’s 🙂
Look for a wooden (balsam wood) ruler with a metal edging, buy those!
Look for wood sculpting tools, most dollar stores have them, buy those!
Look for small gauge wire, buy those if you find them.
If you can’t find the wire or dowel, go to a hardware store and unfortunately, spend a bit more on a couple of pieces of dowel, and wire.

1) Now, when you get home, use a pair of pliers and seperate the metal bars from the wooden rulers- it is very easy- simply pinch the metal strip and pull. Since balsam wood is soft, the bar comes out easily.

2) Using a hand saw, simply cut the dowel into different sizes- I try to make them as big as ordinary pencils.

3) Cut the ruler metal using wire cutters into thirds.

4) Bend the metal into an appropriate carving tool

5) Attach the metal to the dowel using the wire. You can use a vice to hold the dowel as you wrap the wire around the metal. If you don’t have a vice, you can do it by hand. Make certain you twist the ends of the wire to secure the metal to the dowel.

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  • Kelvin May 3, 2006 at 3:27 am

    Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I have made a note of your blog, so i can return. It seems easy, but I am a little krazy so it may take me a little bit longer.

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