Latex Puppet Building Step 3

Latex Puppet Building Step 3

Pre-Puppet Building: Making a sculpture base…a Maquette!


Now it is time to get the clay out! Take your character drawings and use them as a reference. We are going to make a maquette; a minature sculpture of your drawing and the base for your sculpture. This step is vital, it is better to find out flaws on a smaller scale. When you “pre-vision” your character it will allow you to see the hits and misses your character design has. You can also use it as a guide for sculpting on a bigger scale. I usually don’t put as much detail in it, as I want to spend sculpting time on the finished product. Try to capture the form of the character, check on it periodically in a mirror or from afar. If you capture something you didn’t have in your original drawing, don’t worry, if it works go with it!

Some sites that cover maquette sculpting:

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