Latex Puppet Building Still Step 2!

Latex Puppet Building Still Step 2!

Pre-Puppet Building: Tool care and storage

So you have made yourself some tools and ready to start carving away…whoa, hold your horses there cowboy/girl!
Here are a couple of tips when storing your tools:
1) Keep them in tin cans- but watch sometimes the tops of cans are sharp.
2) I use a utensil drawer tray (found at any dollar store).
3) If you are really keen, you can drill holes in the bottom of the dowel and pass rope through;
tye the rope off and when you are not using the tool simply hang them on a hook.
4) Just make certain your tools are cleaned afterward, and are dried of water.
5) Remember the tools you made are probably worth pennies compared to the “professional” brands. Doesn’t mean you treat them as such. Most of my tools are about 10 years old and I hope to get more years out of them, the better you treat your tools the less time and money you will have to spend repairing or making new ones.

Sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer (SNL character) but I needed to nag a bit on sculpting practices. I guess you can do whatever you want with your tools, their yours and it is a free country…sorry for this posting…I assure you that the sculpting will begin soon! 🙂

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