Making it BIG in shorts

.jpgI was going through my large film making book collection and found an excellent book I loved based on making short films called “THE ULTIMATE FILMMAKER’S GUIDE TO SHORT FILMS” by Kim Adelman. She brings the reader through the journey of low budget, short film making- the thinking processes and options you have. She also has a FOREWORD by Mark Borchardt– a horror film maker documented in the film “American Movie”. So what does this have to do with puppetry? Check out dotBoom, Brian Hogg(the creator) uses puppets in his short episodes made for the web. :-)  

Technology has changed the face of movie making drastically in the last 15 years; so that almost anyone can write, film and edit their own films. You can post them out on the web for huge audiences, like, the WORLD. :-)  

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