A new website called Merrynettes is amazing! John Corbitt  designs and sculpts these amazing marionettes, while Elaine does the costuming. The website has a great feel to it. You find yourself navigating through it easily; it contains all the right information. I fully recommend checking it out! Beautiful work!

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  • Jack Fields April 29, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    I’m familiar with Mr. Corbett’s puppets because I’ve worked all the puppets in that picture. I used to work at Pinocchio’s Theater (until it shut down). The tin man was interesting because he was made partly of real tin, and was one of the heavier marionettes we had. After I got used to him, I could usually get him to do a jump forward and land with one knee up.

    Scarecrow took me a while to figure out. Taking a coworker’s suggestion, I decided to make him all about floppiness. The puppet was very sock-like, so I grew to relish throwing him around (a little too much). This would often result in my getting his legs looped around each other, and I had to make him slither around as a knot before his blocking took him off the stage. He also had a mechanism for making his head float above his body, all for the sake of a silly joke about losing his head.

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