Muppet Whatnot Workshop Update!

muppet-what-nots.jpgHere is another update today on the Muppets Whatnot Workshop- FAO Schwarz has posted their Holiday 2007 Catalogue with the Whatnot Muppets on the cover! Here are the screen shots of the inside as well! The puppets are advertised as $130 dollars, but if you’re a first timer at FAO, you can sign up for a mailing list, which sends you a 20% off coupon, bringing the puppet to $104. Wes at the Muppet Central Forum called the store and they informed him that you’ll be able to build them online come October 20th!noname.jpgfull-screen.jpg

Thanks goes out to SesameStMuppets and wes for posting this on the Muppet Central Forum.

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One Comment on “Muppet Whatnot Workshop Update!

October 27, 2008 at 3:41 am

It officially opens tomorrow but had a soft opening today (and yes, I gave in and made me a new friend).

You can see more details at

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