Muppets on Youtube

title_hensonsplace.jpgI came across these series of videos on Youtube marked “Henson’s Place” a rare documentary made back in 1984, covering the career of Jim Henson and the other Muppeteers.

Among the topics discussed are Jim’s early work, and Sesame Street. Jim speaks about merchandising as a necessity to help keep his projects going. Jim speculates that the Muppet characters will last as long as audiences want them to.  I never seen this documentary before, it’s very quite interesting to watch and see how muppets evolved.

 Henson’s Place Part 1
 Henson’s Place Part 2
 Henson’s Place Part 3
 Henson’s Place Part 4
 Henson’s Place Part 5
 Henson’s Place Part 6
 Henson’s Place Part 7

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One Comment on “Muppets on Youtube

April 13, 2008 at 10:53 pm

Is there anywhere else to find this video? It says it was removed…

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