My horn= toot toot!

My horn= toot toot!

This is a small example of my mask work. It was for a small production, and really looked cool on camera. I sculpt it from clay, and then pressed a mold- this was one of my first mold work, thus I found it didn’t last as long because I was so hyper and impatient that I couldn’t wait for the 4th coat of latex, so I settled with three. I regret it because after the shoot it broke in places and had to be thrown out- lucky we didn’t have to do any pick up shots afterward. I guess if I really had to I could repour another mask from the mold. I later had to move and ended up throwing out some molds because they took up too much space…these pictures are all I have left 🙁

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  • Anonymous April 5, 2006 at 1:22 pm

    can you post a larger version of these? i’d love to see more detail.

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