My Lil’ Zombie

The great thing about Halloween is all the awesome puppet fabric, wigs, lashes, and accessories available to puppet builders. Here in Canada, a store called Value Village already has aisle after aisle of halloween fun on display and grocery stores are starting to sell huge bags of candy for local residence to hand out to trick-or-treaters… it isn’t even September yet!

In keeping with the spirit of these local establishments- I thought I would celebrate Halloween 2 months early as well, and started searching the web for Halloween/Puppet related stuff. That’s when I found the site My Lil’ Zombie.

My Lil’ Zombie sells handmade zombie themed plush toys and puppets. Their new website is actually under construction, but they should be back before Halloween. I did though, manage to find their old website under a different address. You can also CLICK HERE to see all the work that goes into building these one of a kind puppets!

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