National Puppetry Festival

The Puppeteers of America are celebrating the 75th Annual National Puppetry Festival – July 12-17, 2011 in Atlanta Georgia.

This year the Puppeteers of America are also looking for acts in their Puppet Cabaret! 

A Puppet Cabaret is a showcase of short performances slotted one after another by many different performers. The Puppet Cabaret is recommended for a mature (at least in age) audience.

Below is submission information from the coordinator, Beau Brown.

Greetings Puppeteers!
It is time to start submitting pieces for the 2011 National Puppetry Festival Cabaret! The 2009 festival’s format was a great success and we will be doing the same thing this year. The Cabaret is the event to show the Cream of the Crop, the Best of the Best, the Cat’s Pajamas of Puppet Slams from all across the country. Get together with your local Slam or Guild and really think about what has been the best from the last two years and, if those pieces have not been filmed yet, help your fellow puppeteers get them recorded so they can be submitted for consideration.

To have your piece considered for the Puppet Cabaret, complete the Submission Form and email or mail it to me at the address below. Mail me a DVD or email me a link to where your video can be viewed online. The piece should under 7 minutes and require minimal tech. The shorter and easier the shows are to set-up and break down, the more we can showcase!

Any type of subject matter is fair game. The evening will be broken into two parts separated by an intermission. The first half of the night will include all of the G-rated pieces. Then we will have a brief intermission for people to stretch their legs and get a snack and a drink before settling down for the second half of the show which will have pieces of a more adult nature.

If your piece isn’t accepted for the Cabaret, there are two nights of Potpourri performances so don’t be discouraged!

The submission deadline is March 31st and I will get back to you by May 1st.

I can’t wait to see what you guys have come up with since last festival!

Get your submissions to:


Beau Brown
2011 National Puppetry Festival
3563 W Hill St
Clarkston GA 30021

Beau Brown

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One Comment on “National Puppetry Festival

Beau Brown
March 6, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Thanks for helping get the word out Tom!

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