New Workshop!

New Workshop!

My workshop is right beside my master bedroom. I stay up late working on puppets and I guess (according to my wife) I make a lot of noise. She can hear my drill, sander, and other tools I use to accomplish my tasks. So after much debate I’m moving my workshop to our basement…I have a fairly large basement- one part is finished and the other part hasn’t been touched. Both my wife and I looked at both options and figured that the unfinished basement would be expensive and wouldn’t provide me much room. We looked at the finished basement and realized we don’t really use it all that much so cutting it by 1/3 wouldn’t be so bad.

I used a drafting program and came up with these “rough” plans. I wanted to incorporate one of the windows for ventilation purposes and also a “window” in the wall so I could build and still be able to watch TV or converse with people if they were hanging out in the other room. I have rounded edges and corners in my basement so I also wanted the corners of the window to match. For the workshop itself- the space will provide me the area I need to work comfortably, have good lighting, and ventilation. I also will be building a “L shaped” work bench along the back and side walls. One workbench will be about 3feet wide so I can use it for sewing etc. and the other bench will be about 2feet wide for my sewing machine and other tools of the trade.

After the plans were drawn and a budget made, I decided to contact my dad who is a carpenter and who has all the tools needed for the job. We manage to build the wall and put drywall up in about 6hours.

Here are the before and “somewhat” after shot of the same space.

The wall went up pretty easy. Lucky for us the everything was fairly plum and squared off pretty good so tying into the studs and joists was a piece of cake.

I’ll post my workshop progress here sporadically throughout the next week and a bit.

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