Oh well… :-))

Well, it is August 1st already and the results are out from the “Glorified Sock Puppet Contest” at:

As you can see, I didn’t come in first or second but I had fun and got to see a lot of inspiring works. Yesterday I had a puppet making social with all of my staff. About 20 or so people showed up to build puppets. Unfortunately the sewing machine we had wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped; so many of the staff had to sew by hand.
I played Fraggle Rock Season 1 via video projector as about 10-15 people stayed and sew’d until late at night- 12:00. I used the Glorified Sock Puppet Pattern from Project Puppet.com

Everyone couldn’t believe how easy it was and how fun building your own puppet could be. I will try to take pictures of some of the puppets as people complete them.
If you are a teacher, work at a Sunday school, or want to just have a good ol’ puppet making party- I recommend ordering the Glorified Pattern from Project Puppet.

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